Push-notifications platform for bots

People try your bot every day and leave. Get them to come back.
Reactivate up to 27% of inactive users and improve retention.

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Send the right message with targeted notifications on behalf of the bot.

Perfect timing with notification scheduling

Automatically calculate the best time to reach users with our AI-powered algorithms.

Segment users

ChatMetrics lets you send messages based on the action people take with your bot.

Some numbers about ChatMetrics (coz we love numbers) *


an average number of messages ChatMetrics processing per day


the number of smart push-notification campaigns sent per day


people reached with ChatMetrics campaigns

*March 2017 data.

Increase conversions and retention — across Facebook Messenger and Telegram bots

Improve conversions

Broadcast notifications and important updates about your company to increase the number of people actually use your chatbot.

Drive retention

Understand who your users are, see how they interact with your bot, re-engage them with notifications,

Fuel growth

ChatMetrics completes the marketing loop. For example, if you send a campaign, you can see how it increases conversions immediately.

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